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What Can I Expect During Implant Placement?

Implant placement is the first step in the dental implant procedure. First, our Riverside dentist will plan your treatment by taking x-rays and digital images of your mouth. We know that your teeth are as unique as you are, so we make sure that every procedure is customized and personalized to meet your specific dental needs.

After your initial visit, you’ll come in for your placement procedure. Your mouth will be cleaned and numbed, and Dr. Sandhu will make an opening in your jaw and gums. Then, your dental implant (which is a small, screw-shaped piece of durable titanium) will be placed directly into your gums and jaw bone. The area will be cleaned and sutured shut. It normally takes between 3-6 months for it to heal and bond with the surrounding tissue. Once it heals, this implant will mimic the function of a tooth root.

What Is A Dental Implant Restoration?

A dental implant restoration is the prosthetic that will be attached to your implant to complete the restoration of your smile. While your dental implant heals and bonds with your jaw tissue, you’ll come into our office for a few follow-up appointments. Dr. Sandhu will take images and impressions of your teeth, and begin building your dental implant restoration during this time. 

There are many different types of restorations, including dental crowns, implant-supported bridges, and implant-supported dentures. Once your implant has healed and your restoration has been built, it will be attached to the tooth to restore your smile and your bite.

Is A Single-Tooth Implant Right for Me?

Single-tooth implants are the most common type of dental implant. This type of implant consists of a single small, titanium post that is placed into your gums and jaw, and it is used to support a single dental crown. A single-tooth implant can completely replace a single missing tooth to fully restore your bite and smile. It will feel completely natural, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.

How Do Full-Arch Implants Work?

If you’re lost most or all of your natural teeth due to an oral injury, periodontal disease or tooth decay, full-arch implants may be right for you. They use a series of 4-6 dental implants to restore the upper, lower, or both arches of your teeth. Once healed, these implants can be used to support a fixed or removable implant-supported denture.

What Are the Benefits of Mini Implants?

As the name suggests, mini implants are about half the size of a traditional dental implant. This means that the process of placing mini implants is less invasive, and they do not require as much support from the jaw, making them appropriate even if you’ve experienced some bone resorption due to bone loss. Typically, they are used to support a full-arch, implant-supported denture, but they can sometimes be used to restore a single tooth.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have a number of great benefits, and are considered to be the best way to restore missing teeth permanently. First, they are extremely durable and long-lasting, with a typical lifespan of more than 30 years. Most patients will keep their dental implants for the rest of their lives.

Dental implants also help strengthen your jaw and prevent bone loss, unlike dentures or dental bridges. Because the implant is placed directly into the gum and jaw bone, the pressure of chewing and biting stimulates the jaw tissue, preventing it from deteriorating after tooth loss.

In addition to this, dental implants look and feel just like natural teeth. After your implant has been restored with a dental crown or another such prosthetic, it will look just like part of your mouth. It will never shift or move, allowing you to eat, speak, and chew with confidence. 

Finally, it’s very easy to care for dental implants. If you have a single-tooth implant, for example, all you will have to do is brush your implant and crown just like you would brush a natural tooth. Proper at-home oral hygiene and regular six-month visits to Riverside Tooth Co. are all you need to keep your implants healthy.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Dental Implants?

It will take about 1-2 weeks to recover from the initial dental implant placement process. However, it will take about 3-6 months for your bone tissue to bond to your dental implant through the process of “osseointegration,” and your implant treatment cannot be completed until this has taken place. 

After your surgery, you’re likely to experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort near the implant site. These symptoms will usually peak within 3 days.

After your treatment, Dr. Kabir Sandhu will provide you with a comprehensive set of instructions to follow as you heal and recover from your dental implant placement. You’ll want to eat soft foods, avoid heavy exercise and exertion for a few days, and avoid brushing the implant site directly. 

Once you’ve healed for about a week, your implant should feel much less tender and painful, though it still may feel a bit sore. You can usually resume your normal diet by this time. After about 2 weeks, your implant site should feel completely normal. 

Serious pain and discomfort after 1-2 weeks are not normal, so contact Dr. Sandhu for a follow-up if your symptoms persist and do not get better.

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Yes. Dental implants are a permanent treatment. After your implant has bonded with your bone tissue, it is very difficult to remove it surgically. Usually, there is no need to do so as long as your implant has healed correctly and is maintained properly.

Most patients will be able to keep their implants for the rest of their lives without any complications or issues. To ensure your implants stay in great shape, you’ll need to follow Dr. Sandhu’s instructions for at-home dental care, and see us every six months for a teeth cleaning and oral exam.

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